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Lansing Trade Group Acquires Terral Farm Service

Lansing Trade Group, LLC has completed its purchase of Terral Farm Service, Inc.'s grain elevator operations in Delhi and Wisner, Louisiana.

The acquired operations provide a good fit to Lansing's core trading business, allowing the company to increase its originations and further leverage its Mexican export business.

The grain facility in Delhi is a 2.1 million bushel Kansas City Southern rail loading facility, and Wisner is a 1.6 million bushel facility. In addition, Lansing assumed a multi-year lease of additional capacity in place at Columbia, Louisiana, along with an origination base from a large pool of on-farm storage throughout North Louisiana and into the Mississippi Delta.

"Terral Farm Service has a great business and a good reputation. The combined strengths of the Terral team with Lansing's trading expertise will make this acquisition a winner. The ability to originate early season corn in the mid-South will create great opportunities for Lansing," said Bill Krueger, President of Lansing Trade Group.

Brad Terral, manager of Terral Farm Service, said, "We have had a great relationship with Lansing over the last five years. Throughout this period of time, we have each seen our businesses grow at a phenomenal pace. Our compatibility and vision is marked by our shared desire to bring unique value and service to the customer. I am extremely optimistic and look forward to being a part of the growth that will be created as a result of Lansing's ownership of this business."

Another family owned business, Terral River Service, operates a high speed barge loading station 20 miles away which will give Lansing access to the Mississippi River.

The Terral family has been in agriculture businesses since 1947, and currently operates a very successful seed business which controls a high market share for seed planted in the Delta region. The solid reputation the family has built in the region will continue as Brad Terral will continue to manage the facilities, working with the strong existing group of employees at both sites.

Terral will continue to leverage its strong foothold in agriculture in the region through Terral Seed, Inc. Terral is expected to increase its investment in this family seed business, strengthening the growth opportunities for a business that is seeing a boom in demand for its products. Terral Seed continues to develop leading edge genetics for its seed products.

Lansing has been in the business of trading commodities for 76 years. Rapid growth of its business over the past decade has come from responding to market place needs. This acquisition will allow Lansing to further leverage the trading skills which have been with the company since its beginning. Lansing is actively trading a large number of commodities from coast to coast, with a growing international presence.

About Lansing Trade Group, LLC

Lansing Trade Group is a privately owned firm formed in 1931. The current ownership group has grown Lansing into a national trading company, growing beyond its grain roots with growth into the energy and other sectors. Lansing Trade Group trades whole grains, feed ingredients, and energy products, including ethanol and biodiesel, in U.S. domestic and export markets. Current annual revenues are $2.6 billion. Company headquarters are in Overland Park, Kansas. Additional information is available online at and

SOURCE: Lansing Trade Group, LLC

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